Hotel heiress Paris Hilton used an Atlantic City, N.J., fire-dispatch radio to utter an obscenity, potentially violating a federal regulation.

Hilton, who was at the firehouse last Friday with friend Nicole Richie while taping an episode of "The Simple Life," gained access to the radio system used to dispatch firefighters, WCAU-TV, Philadelphia, reported Thursday.

Hilton, 22, then said on the live microphone, "Ladder 1, OK, mother (expletive)."

The use of obscene language on public airwaves, even for fire dispatching, usually falls under the regulation of the Federal Communications Commission, which has yet to address Hilton's on-air comments.

The show's third season, which premieres next Wednesday, has Hilton and Richie working as interns in a series of menial jobs around the country.