They didn't cast her in the best light at times, but ousted America's Next Top Model contestant Clark Gilmer is standing by accuracy of her portrayal and comments on the The CW reality competition series.

"I'm a confident girl, not cocky though. A lot of people will mistake confidence with cockiness unfortunately," Clark told Reality TV World during a media conference call that followed her elimination on Wednesday's show. "It's almost looked down upon when someone knows that they're good at something. But, I mean, I model and I'm good at it and I know the parts I'm not good at and that's just constructive criticism on myself."

Gilmer told reporters that she didn't understand the reasoning behind her elimination, which came after the judges decided they preferred to keep Joslyn -- a 23-year-old student from Lucky, LA -- despite host Tyra Banks' assertion that the two had been "neck and neck" in that week's photo shoot.

"[Having the best photo of the previous week] kind of gives you an immunity -- which obviously was completely wrong -- but, I mean, I kind of felt safe," Gilmer said.

"I was really confused about [my elimination] because when we were in the bottom two [Tyra Banks] said Joslyn started off really strong [had become] weaker and weaker and weaker. I was the opposite, I started out weak and got really really strong. I mean for Pete's sake I had the number one photo last week. So I really didn't expect to be eliminated," she told reporters. "You know, you think that in the competitions the judges are looking for advancing and just getting better and better and keep on progressing and that's what I was doing!"

Gilmer also stood by her repeated comments that transgendered model Isis King didn't belong in the competition.

"Everyone was thinking it. Everybody was uncomfortable with it but no one was actually gonna say it because it's too politically incorrect. But, you know what? I didn't care. It's how you feel, and that was weird to me so I said it," she told reporters before adding that she had made her opinion clear to Isis and did not talk behind her back.

"Me and Isis got along, other than the fact that I was really uncomfortable with the fact that Isis is a boy... I'm just not used to that. I've only heard of, people like that, in my psychology class in case studies and stuff. I never thought that I would ever come into contact with, a 'he-she,' and it just totally threw me for a loop and it, I don't know, freaked me out," she told reporters. "I mean there were a lot of mornings I would shower and [would be] throwing something away like a tissue or whatever and there would be a roll... like a balled up roll of duct tape in the trash can. It just creeped me out."

She added while she had initially thought that both Isis and Marjorie had been the show's weakest contestants, Marjorie's ability to deliver the top photo in the season's initial photo shoot had changed her opinion of her.

However, Gilmer never had the same change of heart regarding Isis.

"I honestly don't see Isis going anywhere in modeling. It's not just because of her condition. She just, her body just isn't like the rest of ours. Isis still has a man's body," she told reporters. "A woman's waist contours in, [while] Isis' is manly and just goes straight down."

Gilmer also had less some than flattering words about Sheena, whom she made clear was her least favorite contestant on the show.

"I don't really care for Sheena. Everything that they portrayed her on TV to be is exactly right. Trashy," Gilmer told Reality TV World. "She's got words of wisdom, but that's about the only thing going for her. She just, I think we were both raised completely differently. I'm a good ol'' southern girl that knows class and she is probably the [most] classless girl of the bunch. Probably one of the least classy people I've ever met in my life."
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However Gilmer said that, despite her feelings for Isis and Sheena, she had become close with almost all of the girls in the competition and credited them for making her experience as great as it was.

While admitting that it was in her nature to not get along with her competitors, she told Reality TV World that she had felt the best competition had come from Lauren Brie, who was also her best friend on the show.

"She's an amazingly cute girl and she's got one of the best pictures in Top Model history. I think she's gonna be great, Gilmer told reporters before saying that she could succeed in either commercial or high fashion.

Gilmer also said that she had been "in awe" of Elina and told reporters that her well documented crush on Gilmer had become a running joke throughout the house after she was initially blind-sided by the idea.

"I was like oh, really? seriously? that's kind of weird," she said of her reaction after Hannah took her aside to reveal the crush following Elina and Gilmer's kiss in the hot tub.

"But it was so funny. After I found out it was like a joke for everybody. Like whenever we would sit down coming to or going from [someplace] on the bus and it was like 'Uh oh, everybody clear a spot beside Elina, Clark wants to sit there.' It was just kind of like a big joke between us."

Gilmer also provided some details into what she had written in the goodbye note she was shown leaving in the kitchen following her elimination.

"I told everybody to have no regrets and to just go for it. Especially for Marjorie because she was being very hesitant about everything," she told reporters. "I wrote a little [note] to every girl. I told Lauren Brie, I was like 'you're my best friend here, you know. [I] can't wait for us to hang out after this.' I wrote everybody something except for Sheena, because I had nothing to say to her."