Singer Kelly Clarkson may have tainted her "American Idol" image after a recent foray with adult filmmaker and Society 1 mastermind Matt Zane.

Clarkson, who also recently appeared on stage with Metal Skool clutching a bottle of Chivas Regal, has been dealing with the issue of a video of her and Zane riding in the back of a van and toilet papering Amy Lee's house, reported Monday.

"Kelly Clarkson's people are pissed," a source from NRG Studio said, adding that they pressured NRG to take action against YouTube to remove the clip of the vandalism.

The clip was banned from YouTube but not until more than 200,000 people had already viewed it.

A new version of the video, called "At The Studio -- Kelly Parts," has surfaced on YouTube. The clip shows Clarkson committing the act of vandalism but without Zane.