Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald have extended their marriage into a professional relationship.

Reed and the former tenth-season American Idol finalist -- who wed in October after they got engaged in June -- have recorded a song entitled "Now That I Found You" together with lyrics written by the Twilight saga star and music by McDonald.

"This happened -- let's see -- about a month ago, Paul was playing around with this chorus and he basically lives with a guitar strapped around his body. He just walks around the house and plays something and will be like, 'What do you think about this? What do you think about that?'" Reed told Idol host Ryan Seacrest during a Monday appearance on his On-Air with Ryan Seacrest radio show.

"And I'll say, 'That's so catchy. It's so great.' And then he'll say, 'I want to try something,' because I write a lot and I have experimented with writing lyrics for people in the past. So, he played music and recorded it on Garage Band, and just a week-and-a-half ago, when I was on tour, I just sat -- he was watching [something] -- and I wrote lyrics to his music."

"So I wrote the lyrics and he was like, 'I really like this,' and then we went in Saturday and recorded it with this producer Andre Harris who has produced the best of the best. It was such an honor. I can't believe he wanted to do that and here it is."

While McDonald hopes to write, sing and record more music with Reed, she said she's unsure whether she'd even be interested in pursuing a music career. 

"I don't know. He really wants me to, but sometimes I don't know. He's just really supportive and encourages everything. He wants to be a super team. I'm a little bit more shy. We've sang at some open mics together and stuff, and so, him and my dad -- because of the two of them -- I probably will end up doing it," the actress explained.

Reed and McDonald got engaged just seven weeks after the singer confirmed they were dating to Reality TV World.

McDonald -- who made it to American Idol's Top 8 but then became the first male finalist eliminated from the show's tenth season -- met Reed when American Idol's finalists attended the premiere of Reed's The Little Red Riding Hood movie in March.