Ah wow... there's Debb, apparently continuing the Survivor tradition of doing fine folks of New Hampshire proud... First there was Jenna, the unmarried teenage single mother of twins, now this. Hey, I guess the state slogan isn't "live free or die" for nothing...

"CBS's Survivor: The Australian Outback hasn't even debuted yet, but that hasn't stopped a skeleton from falling out of one of the contestants' closet. Debb Eaton, a 45-year-old corrections officer and one of the upcoming show's 16 new participants, is secretly planning to marry her own stepson, according to the National Enquirer. "

"The tabloid reports that Eaton became romantically involved with her 34-year-old stepson, Bobby Eaton, following the death of her second husband, Don Eaton, in 1997."

...we should also note that was her husband of SEVENTEEN YEARS -- it's not like this was a brief marriage -- with Debb having been the child's stepmom since he was age 12. Ewwwww... At least her husband's former boss and Auburn, NH Police Chief Chief Edward Picard recognizes this isn't normal "It's not incest technically - but it's awfully close."

Source: Gist.com