The U.S. cable television network MTV has announced plans to air a special called "Steve-O: Demise and Rise" next month.

The program is the "Jackass" and "Dancing with the Stars" personality's self-documented look "inside the mind of a man struggling with drug and alcohol addiction," MTV said. It will be broadcast May 3.

"This explosive special gives a raw, intimate first-hand account of Steve-O's downward spiral to when he ultimately hits rock bottom and is saved by the intervention of friends and his own will to do whatever it takes to get -- and stay -- sober," the network said in a news release.

"Addiction is a brain disease that kills. Steve suffered from the profound consequences of long-standing polydrug addiction. The disease brought him to the edge of sanity and one night nearly took his life," Dr. Drew Pinsky said in a statement. "His recovery has been an inspiring but gut-wrenching process. Steve remains an inspiration to all. Those that have come to know him through this process love him."

"This documentary captures the most frightening moments of my friend at the apex of his addiction. I know because I was there," Steve-O's friend and frequent collaborator Johnny Knoxville said. "More importantly though it offers hope, and documents the tremendous amount of courage and hard work on Steve-O's behalf to turn that hope into a healthy person."