MTV has announced Trick It Out -- a new Pimp My Ride-like reality competition series that challenges two crews of car makeover specialists to put their creative design skills to the test -- will premiere on Sunday, July 22 at 10PM ET/PT.

Each half-hour episode of Trick It Out will feature two crews consisting of four makeover specialists, who will be representing their auto shops by competing against each other to see who has the best car customization skills.  Both crews will be given similar "beat-up" cars and have 10 days as well as $15,000 to turn the clunkers into road royalty. 

However it's not that simple, as the crews have to work around a different theme each week, which range from horror, safari, the 1960s, the military and cartoons.  At the conclusion of each episode, car expert RJ Devera will determine the winning crew, which will be awarded both the car they customized as well as that of the losers.

Reality television aficionados should be familiar with Trick It Out's host -- Becky O'Donohue -- a former American Idol fifth-season semifinalist who also competed with her twin sister Jessie during a special "Twins" episode of NBC's Fear Factor.

In February 2006, O'Donohue saw the media "uncover" some nearly two-year-old photos that she and Jessie had shot for a "Maxim Fallacy Baseball" feature created to promote Maxim magazine's online fantasy baseball game.  Some of the photos featured the twins posing in skimpy baseball outfits while others showed the them posing in unbuttoned baseball jerseys, bikinis, or wrapped in only small towels.  While O'Donohue was not disqualified because none of the photos contained any nudity, she was one of the first four semifinalists eliminated from Idol 5.

In addition to Trick It Out, MTV announced Pimp My Ride's final eight episodes -- which originally aired during a Pimp My Ride marathon on June 9 -- will be broadcast in their regular time slot over the next two months beginning Sunday, July 22 at 10:30PM ET/PT.