Despite being So You Think You Can Dance's resident ballroom expert, judge Mary Murphy said she's ready to scream for a hip-hop dancer during the show's upcoming finale.

"I'd like to see a hip hop dancer win the show," Murphy told OK! Weekly in a Thursday report, specifically singling out remaining finalists Twitch Boss and Joshua Allen.

"I think Twitch and Josh have brought so much to the show... Either of them would be a great dance ambassador."

So You Think You Can Dance's crop of fourth-season contestants will be cut from eight to six during tonight's live results show on Fox, with the reality competition series' two-part finale scheduled to air August 6 and 7.

"I am working on something that is a secret for the finale, which will probably be the biggest surprise in 10 years," Murphy told OK! Weekly.  "It is something that involves me."

While Murphy didn't directly say whether she'd be performing on stage or simply choreographing a routine, the 50-year-old ballroom champion said she is be in shape to shake her moneymaker.

"The workout made it easy for me to go back to something I already knew how to do and it enabled me to stick with the program as well," she told OK!.  "I lost 30 pounds in about four months."