What, you mean you have to actually BE SINGLE to be able to appear on FOX's "Married By America" as a suitor who's willing to get married?? Who'd a thunk it -- apparently not the female suitor identified only as "Denise L." The NY Post reports that "Denise L.", a "suitor" on the program, has turned out to married but separated from her husband, thus breaking the show's rules of eligibility. Not that a formal divorce would help matters, since according to the rules all suitors must be single and never married.

Apparently "Entertainment Tonight" broke the story after Denise's sister-in-law called a San Diego radio station and revealed her existing marriage. Fox says the matter will be dealt with on Monday's "Married By America." "We will not discuss the personal lives of show participants - however, it is against the rules to have participated in the show if you are or have ever been married," said a Fox spokesman. "It was not known to the producers that this participant was married, and the situation will be dealt with on Monday's episode."

According to "Entertainment Tonight," Denise L. is sequestered and has no idea that everyone now knows she's married.