Mariah Carey is clearly a huge fan of American Idol -- NOT!

The twelfth-season Idol judge bad-mouthed the Fox reality singing competition during a Thursday morning interview on an Australian radio station's Kyle & Jackie O Show, according to People.

With only one final season of American Idol left to go before it's canceled, Carey made it very clear she would have no interest in sitting on the judging panel again because it was the "worst experience of [her] life."

"It's so boring and so fake," Carey, 46, reportedly said, recalling her personal experience with the show in 2013.

However, the singing icon and self-described diva was quick to clarify what she meant.

"I'm sorry... when I say it's fake, I mean... you have to make up things to say about people. Half the time, the performances are good, you just [want to] be like, 'It was good.' You just feel like ending it there, like, 'It's really good,'" Carey explained on Australia's KIIS FM.

It apparently wasn't just critiquing the contestants that annoyed her. Carey was shown having a nasty dynamic with fellow judge Nicki Minaj, as Keith Urban also served as a judge but simply tried to stay out of their problems.

"I'm not gonna get into what it was, but let's just say I don't think they had any intentions for us to have a good experience doing that show... pinning two females against each other wasn't cool," Carey said, placing blame on Fox for its casting choices that would ultimate result in on-air feuds.

"It should've been about the contestants instead of being about some non-existent feud that turned into more ridiculousness."

So how do you really feel, Carey?

"I would never want to be involved with [the show] again," Carey confessed, according to People. "But everybody else can like it!"

Fox announced earlier this month it's pulling the plug on American Idol after its fifteenth -- and final -- season airs in January 2016. Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. will reprise their role as judges for the franchise's last edition.