After being nominated for eviction by Jason Guy, the ninth Head of Household, Marcellas Reynolds was evicted from the BIG BROTHER 3 house based on the votes of his fellow HouseGuests.

During last nightís first ever live veto meeting, Marcellas, who won the Golden Power of Veto, enabling him to remove himself from the block, stunned his housemates when he decided not to use it to save himself from eviction. After this surprise revelation, Danielle Reyes and Lisa Donahue immediately proceeded with a live vote. Danielle voted to evict Marcellas, while Lisa voted to evict Amy. This resulted in a tie, forcing Jason, as Head of Household, to cast the deciding vote. Jason ultimately voted to evict Marcellas from the Big Brother House.

After Marcellas, the fashion stylist from Chicago, learned his fate, he said his good-byes, left the house and was interviewed by Julie Chen about his experience. Following Marcellasís departure, the Final Four HouseGuests competed to become the next Head of Household. Danielle won the game to become the tenth Head of Household.