After being nominated for eviction by Janelle Pierzina, who ended up as Big Brother 7: All-Stars' sixth official Head of Household after last Thursday's original sixth HoH challenge was redone, Marcellas Reynolds became the sixth houseguest to be evicted from CBS's Big Brother 7: All-Stars house.

Marcellas was evicted via an unanimous 6-0 vote in which fellow nominee Erika Landin didn't receive a single eviction vote. As always, neither the current Head of Household nor the two eviction nominees were eligible to vote in the eviction balloting.

Erika had originally won last week's live Head of Household challenge, however after recognizing that Big Brother host Julie Chen had not only failed to stop the challenge once it became obvious that technical malfunctions were occurring, but had also incorrectly let Mike "Boogie" Malin advance to the challenge's fourth round, the show's producers ruled that the challenge had to be replayed.

Although there was no evidence that any of the trivia challenge's buzzer problems had occurred prior to Mike's third round question and the system's failure to properly record his answer had no impact on Janelle's third round elimination (since she answered the third question wrong, Janelle would have been eliminated regardless of Mike's response), the show's producers decided to let all the houseguests compete in the HoH "do-over." Janelle -- who would have likely been nominated for eviction by Erika had Erika's HoH victory stood -- ended up winning the new HoH competition, her third victory in six weeks. Seeking revenge for Danielle's Week 5 HoH reign that began with Danielle's nomination of Janelle and (after Janelle managed to win the Power of Veto and save herself) ended with the eviction of Kaysar Ridha, one of Janelle's Big Brother 6 alliance members, Janelle originally nominated Danielle and Erika for eviction.

However, Danielle -- with a lot of help from secret "Legion Of Doom" allies James Rhine (who Janelle and Howie still believed to be part of their own Big Brother 6 alliance) and "Chilltown" member Will Kirby -- managed to win the week's Power Of Veto competition that allowed her to take herself off the chopping block during Tuesday's Big Brother broadcast. After repeatedly assuring him that he would be "safe" and Erika would definitely be the one being evicted, Janelle (prodded on by "Chilltown" members Will and Mike, whom Janelle and Howie believe to have allied themselves with the now three-member "Season 6" alliance) decided to nominate Marcellas in Danielle's place.

Just before last night's live eviction voting, Julie also informed Mike that, having correctly responded with a secret phrase answer of "You Reap What You Sow," he had secretly won the show's new Coup d'Etat power and revealed that as the power's winner, he now had, for the next three evictions, the right to use the power to overthrow a reigning HoH and name new eviction nominees just moments before the next three live eviction votes are made. Mike opted not to use the power (the exact nature of which still remains a secret from the rest of the houseguests) before Marcellas' eviction, which means he can still use the power during either of the competition's next two evictions (the power can only be exercised once, once Mike uses it once it's gone.)

Marcellas, a celebrity stylist who is originally from Chicago but currently resides in Los Angeles and normally hosts the show's Big Brother Live Internet talk show each summer, learned his fate midway during last night's live Big Brother 7 broadcast. After leaving the house, Marcellas was interviewed by Julie. As Big Brother: All-Stars' sixth evictee, Marcellas will also become the first member of the seven-person jury that will ultimately decide which one of the show's final two houseguests will receive the competition's $500,000 grand prize.

Once Marcellas was evicted and interviewed, the remaining houseguests competed in Big Brother 7: All-Stars' seventh Head of Household competition. As the outgoing HoH, Janelle was not eligible to compete.

A multiple choice challenge, the HoH competition required the houseguests to guess which houseguests had received various high school senior yearbook-style titles from Big Brother home viewers. Each time a houseguest responded with the correct answer, they would have to advance one square forward. The first houseguest to reach their last square or be in the lead after the eighth question would be season's seventh Head of Household. After all eight questions were answered, Danielle and George "Chicken" Boswell were tied for first place, resulting in a tiebreaker question that required them to write down a number that represented the total number of minutes that, due to the prior week's "Digging Your Own Grave" Power Of Veto competition, the houseguests had gone without hot water in the house bathrooms.

Despite what appeared to be some feverish multiplication attempts by Danielle, both George and Danielle -- rather inexplicably, unless they were both trying to intentionally lose the challenge -- responded with 300-something minute figures that represented an incredibly small fraction of the actual 6,000+ minutes (more than four days) that the houseguests had actually been without hot water. Since George's answer of 360 minutes (6 hours) was closer to the actual answer than Danielle's answer of 308 minutes (5 hours, 8 minutes), George -- to the apparent shock of everyone, including himself -- was crowned the house's new Head of Household.

Immediately after George's victory, Julie informed the houseguests that the coming week would be a double eviction week and as such, George had to immediately name his two eviction nominees. Forced to reveal his nominations immediately, George -- considered to be one of the house's few remaining non-allied "floaters" -- nominated James and Erika (who had just come off the block moments earlier) for eviction. As part of the show's double eviction week, James, Erika, or another houseguest nominated due to the results of the upcoming Power of Veto challenge will be evicted during a special Sunday night Big Brother: All-Stars eviction broadcast.