The wild apparently got the better of Man vs. Wild star Bear Grylls during a recent expedition in Antarctica.

Grylls seriously injured his shoulder during a Friday night fall on the Earth's southernmost continent, Discovery Channel said in statement released Sunday.

"While on location, Bear sustained a fall that resulted in a shoulder injury," the network said in the statement.  "Bear is currently on route back to the U.K. to get the medical attention he needs. Once he sees a doctor, we will have a better sense of the level of seriousness of his shoulder injury and the recovery time needed to get him back to his full physical activity."

The 34-year-old survival expert's injury did not occur while filming Man vs. Wild, according to Discovery, which said it instead happened on an "independent expedition."

"He was not filming for Discovery Channel, but was taking part in a sponsored expedition for Ethanol Ventures to promote the potential of alternative energies such as bioethanol," the network said.  "The expedition was raising money for Global Angels, an international charity that champions the needs of children worldwide and that Bear has supported for the last few years."

Discovery acknowledged Grylls' "strong religious faith" and "loving family" as tools that will help him have a speedy recovery.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with Bear as he makes the long trip back to the UK," the network said.

Man vs. Wild's third season premiered in August.