Macy Gray was apparently so upset by her Dancing with the Stars elimination on Wednesday night that she was unable to participate in an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live later that evening.

"The honest truth is Macy is absolutely torn up about being eliminated," Gray's professional partner Jonathan Roberts told Kimmel.

"We spent a month together touring Europe.  She sang every single night, was completely exhausted and she put her whole heart into the show.  She just felt like she let her fans down and she's really just emotional about it."

"She didn't let her fans down," said Kimmel.  "What's she care about this?  She's got a Grammy."

"That's true," replied Roberts.  "But she wanted that mirror ball.  What's a Grammy compared to a mirror ball?"

Gray and Roberts were eliminated from Dancing with the Stars ninth season based on a combination of their judges scores from Tuesday night's performance episode that featured the female celebrity participants and home viewer votes cast immediately following the broadcast.

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Kimmel told Roberts to relay a message to Gray for him.

"Tell Macy it's not a big deal.  She went on, she had a little bit of fun," said Kimmel.  "You know what, almost everybody gets eliminated on the show.  Everybody except for one person... And that person who's going to win -- am I right or wrong -- Donny Osmond is going to win this whole thing."

Since Roberts was partnered with Donny's sister Marie during Dancing with the Stars Fall 2007 fifth season, he agreed the Osmond family has some moves.

"The Osmonds are hot," Roberts told Kimmel.