Live To Dance crowned D'Angelo Castro, a nine-year-old from Miami, FL, and Amanda Carbajales, a 10-year-old also from Miami, FL, its champions during Wednesday night's live finale broadcast on CBS.

"It feels great!" Amanda said after winning the dance competition's $500,000 grand prize with her partner.

"Yes, I'm so excited! And I want to just thank my Mom and my Dad for supporting us and now I'm going to go to Disney World!" D'Angelo added.

Kendall Glover, an 11-year-old from Phoenix, AZ, finished as the competition's runner-up, while White Tree Fine Art, a coed duo from San Francisco, CA, came in third.

The top three finalists were determined based on the results of the home viewer voting that followed last week's Live To Dance broadcast which featured the competition's six finalist acts performing.

Last week's finals had also featured Dance Town Chaos, a 12-member all-male group from Miami, FL; The Vibe, a 38-member group from Utah; and Twitch, a nine-member teen act from Florida; performing.