Lex Ishimoto and Taylor Sieve both confirmed they are seriously dating during Monday night's penultimate episode of So You Think You Can Dance's fourteenth season.

"I think about her every single second of my day. She inspires me; she's changed my life. I am in love," Lex told the cameras before dancing a romantic contemporary routine with his girlfriend choreographed by Mia Michaels on last night's show.

During the video package that played prior to Lex and Taylor's highly-praised dance, the couple discussed their off-stage dynamic with Mia.

"I want this piece to be about the kind of love that takes your breath away sometimes and feels like you're falling," Mia told the pair. "Have you ever experienced that kind of love before?"

"I'm experiencing it with her," Lex noted quietly.

"We're actually in a relationship," Taylor added with a sweet smile.

When Lex and Taylor danced onstage together, they kissed mid-performance, and judge Mary Murphy joked about how it was the longest kiss ever.

"I feel like a weird proud parent," Mary admitted with tears in her eyes when it became time for the judging panel -- which also features Vanessa Hudgens and Nigel Lythgoe -- to critique the routine.

"To see your love grow on the stage in more ways than one is a beautiful thing," Mary gushed. "This means a lot to me and Nigel that this happens with some of our past cast and they stay together. It's part of our legacy of this rich show."

Nigel then told Lex and Taylor, "Everyone that's ever been in love will be so touched, not just by that routine but how you performed it."

Vanessa was practically jumping out of her seat, telling the pair with excitement, "All I know is that me and my boyfriend have a lot of kissing moves to work on. That's all I know."

Dating rumors sparked in August when Taylor posted an adorable Instagram photo of Lex and herself holding each other and laughing in front of a graffiti wall covered in painted multi-colored hearts. She captioned the image, "My love."

The pair's chemistry also heated up the stage when they danced a jazz routine choreographed by Spencer Liff during Week 4 of So You Think You Can Dance's fourteenth season.
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Although Lex and Taylor did not address their romance directly, they shared a little kiss at the end of the jazz performance. Surprisingly, the judges did not follow up and talk about the kiss at the time.

Taylor and Lex met a little over one year ago at the Dance Awards National, and prior to auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance, they had also both joined the convention's tour.

The winner of So You Think You Can Dance will be crowned next week. In addition to Lex and Taylor, Kiki Nyemchek and Koine Iwasaki are also still in the running to become "America's Favorite Dancer."