Police in Bahrain fired tear gas into a group of more than 50 people protesting U.S. reality star Kim Kardashian's visit to the country, Sky News reported.

The group was comprised of mostly hardline Islamic demonstrators, who chanted "God is great" near a shopping complex in Riffa, where Kardashian was scheduled to open a branch of her Millions of Milkshakes shop, Sky News reported Sunday.

Lawmakers in the Gulf kingdom had tried to block Kardashian's visit, submitting a proposal in Parliament referring to her as "an actress with an extremely bad reputation," the Gulf Daily News reported. The motion was dismissed when other members of P arliament left the chamber at the end of the session.

Despite the protesters -- who police cleared before Kardashian's arrival at her milkshake shop -- the star called her visit an "amazing trip."

Kardashian, 32, had previously called Bahrain "the prettiest place on earth" on her Twitter account, a message Bahrain's foreign minister retweeted.