Continuing the fall-out from the Mogo Mogo tribe's ill-advised decision to keep the Chapera tribe's Amber Brkich over their own Jerri Manthey at the game's last pre-merge Tribal Council, Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien became the eleventh contestant to ousted from the game during last night's Survivor: All-Stars broadcast.

Survivor: All-Stars' eleventh episode opened with the tribe returning from the tenth episode's Tribal Council departure only to find their campfire extinguished by the ongoing torrential downpours. After thawing out a bit after sunrise, the tribe assembled for a joint Immunity and Reward Challenge, with the winning team from the first part of the challenge receiving parkas and letters from home, and the individual winner of the second part additionally receiving the Immunity Necklace and the viewing of a video from home.

Alicia Calaway's team of Amber, Shii Ann Huang raced to an easy obstacle course victory over Rupert's team of Kathy, Tom Buchanan, and Jenna Lewis. With Alicia's team having won the Reward Challenge, they then competed against each other for Individual Immunity in the challenge's sliding puzzle second round.

Despite his reputation for being more brawn than brains, Rob completed the challenge first, winning immunity and the right to completely view his tape from home. However, when it came time for the viewing, in a move that he privately admitted had as much to do with game strategy as it did with looking to repair the tribal morale damage of the previous night's Tribal Council, Rob asked host Jeff Probst to trade him the letters from home of the other four contestants in return for the right to view his tape -- a swap to which Jeff agreed.

After the challenge, sensing their time in the game was just about up, Kathy and Shii Ann scrambled to try and convince Alicia and Tom of the danger of Chapera's Amber/Rob and Jenna/Rupert sub-alliances, but their words appeared to fall on deaf ears, with Kathy still getting ousted in a 6-2 vote at the evening's Tribal Council session.

Episode 11's correct bootee prediction lifts our Survivor All-Stars prediction record to 10-0-1. In Spoiler Island fantasy game action, Brownroach remains atop the leaderboard for a second week in row.

So what happens next week? Can anyone stop the Robfadda? Will Alicia or Tom finally heed the advice of the since-departed Kathy and make a move to stop the game's power couples? And will we see an All-Star return of Alicia's finger wagging? Check out our Survivor spoilers forum for the latest details on these and many other hot topics!