Karlee Metzger may have lost her The Voice battle, but she's still in the game.

Karlee, 22, was tasked with singing "Brand New Key" against Darby Walker, 17, for one of Miley Cyrus' Battles earlier this week. The quirky tune was perfect for both of the artists' voices.

When asked how she felt going into her Battle, Karlee told Reality TV World, "A lot of people have told me -- and I see it myself -- that Darby and I have a lot of similar qualities in our voices and our tones."

Miley told Karlee after the performance she has transformed and delivered a strong, consistent vocal. However, Miley advanced Darby to the "Knockout Round" seemingly because of her personality and ability to entertain. Miley told Darby she also really enjoys working with her.

"I think [Miley's decision] was just a matter of who was more unique," Karlee said.

"And, you know, I struggled with my stage presence before, and I'm obviously working on that. But I think Darby and I have a lot of similarities and it just came down to whom [our coach] felt like she could still coach."

Karlee, however, was not eliminated from Season 11 of The Voice because Blake Shelton decided to steal her.

"I'm just super excited to work with Blake. I'm so grateful that he saw [something in] me. I'm super excited," Karlee told Reality TV World.

Also during the conference call, Karlee talked to reporters about the obstacles of singing "Brand New Key."

"Some of the challenges were just trying to find those harmonies. We struggled finding the harmonies at first. That was kind of our big concern. Once we got them down, it was like exactly what we wanted it to be," Karlee explained.

"And I think my struggle was mainly trying to, like, let go of my insecurities onstage and just have fun with it, because, like I said, I struggle with stage presence."

Karlee therefore reiterated how her biggest challenge was letting loose and "being not only a singer, but a performer as well." But the Battle was great practice for what's to come.
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"I think that was a stepping stone... for sure," Karlee told reporters.

Blake had faith in Karlee since the start, as he turned around for her during the "Blind Auditions" round.

"I actually grew up singing country. I sing a lot of Patsy Cline, LeAnn Rimes, and I think that showed through my [Battle] performance," Karlee revealed.

"And so, I'm super excited to see what he can do with me, to kind of bring out more of my country vibe, because I don't want to just stick in an Indie box. I don't want to limit myself when I can do so much more, you know?"

Karlee concluded, "I'm excited to learn from him and it just means a lot that he believes in me enough to use one of his steals on me."

The Voice's "Knockout Round" kicks off Monday, October 24 at 8PM ET/PT on NBC.