Juan Pablo Galavis is reportedly wading troubled waters with girlfriend Nikki Ferrell.

The controversial eighteenth-season The Bachelor star was caught being "incredibly flirtatious" with a woman who claims he had also asked for her phone number at a mutual friend's birthday party this past weekend, TMZ reported.

Galavis, 32, has been dating Ferrell, 27, for nearly eight months, but a woman named Ang Cottone reportedly says he was all over her while at a pool party in Atlantic City.

At the party deejayed by former Jersey Shore star Paul "Pauly D" DelVecchio, Galavis asked Cottone to join him in the DJ booth after he recognized the "MILF" boxer, according to TMZ. The incident prompted speculation Galavis and Ferrell had split.

However, Galavis posted a tweet on Monday that suggested he's not exactly concerned about the rumor when former Big Brother winner Dick Donato tweeted him about the report.

"She better NOT," Galavis replied when Donato told The Bachelor star not to "f-ck up" his relationship with Ferrell.

Ironically, a source told Us Weekly earlier this month Galavis, father to five-year-old Camila, has been "telling friends he wants to marry Nikki."

"They haven't split," a friend of Galavis' similarly told People. "Like every couple, they may have had ups and downs, but they're still very happy and moving in the right direction."

Ferrell is from Kansas City, MO, and has reportedly been making a long-distance relationship work with the sports and entertainment consultant from Miami, FL, ever since Galavis refused to propose or even tell his final-rose recipient he loved her during the show's eighteenth-season finale.

Ferrell and Galavis are set to appear on the fifth season of VH1 Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn, which will premiere September 10. According to E! News, the couple is seeking help because they're trying to survive "a highly volatile relationship with the press."

Potential signs of trouble between Galavis and Ferrell surfaced back in March when they were spotted chatting with counseling duo and Marriage Boot Camp stars Jim Carroll and Elizabeth Carroll.