Jordan Kimball's choice of clothing -- or lack thereof -- at the season's second cocktail party apparently succeeded in getting The Bachelorette star Becca Kufrin's attention.

During Monday night's episode, Jordan decided to show a little personality and confidence by showing up to the cocktail party in nothing but his briefs.

While the 26-year-old male model for Wilhelmina from Crystal River, FL, was accused of being disrespectful to The Bachelorette process and rubbed most of the guys the wrong way, Becca seemed to like his out-of-the-box idea!

"I think one of my favorite moments from that evening was Jordan showing up, or should I say, down, in his underwear," Becca wrote in her People blog.

"I know most of the guys didn't appreciate this gesture, but I had to hand it to Jordan, he beats to his own drum, and I found that endearing."

Becca found Jordan endearing enough to offer him a rose at the season's second Rose Ceremony. Since Jordan wasn't wearing a shirt, Becca had to pin the rose onto a blanket he had wrapped himself in.

When The Bachelorette star recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she told the talk show host that Jordan is simply Jordan.

"He owns it," said the 28-year-old Minnesota publicist. "He's just the most unique person."

In addition to her relationship with Jordan, Becca also advanced several other relationships in the latest episode.

"I feel like I was really starting to peel back the layers of [John Graham] from successful tech developer and discovered that he has his own home cooking show that he shares online as a fun hobby," Becca shared in her blog.

"[Garrett Yrigoyen] continued to make a really great impression on me and made me confident in knowing that there was something special between us. Then there was fashionable [Wills Reid]."

Becca added, "I absolutely loved talking with Wills... Seeing him get emotional about his parents really moved me. I felt like I could see a future building with him."

Becca also said she loved it when Clay Harbor taught her a touchdown dance that "led to scoring a kiss."

"I think the first night I really connected to him as a person," Becca continued of Clay, "so I like that he wasn't afraid to turn up the romance and take things to the next level."

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