For a man who claims he needs to get his family off of television, Jon Gosselin suddenly can't seem to get enough of it. 

Hours after returning from a week-long Los Angeles trip in which he conducted a string of media interviews and made several high-profile public appearances, Gosselin was back on television on Wednesday, doing another interview in which he claims his estranged wife Kate Gosselin is trying to stop him from seeing their kids.

"She's trying to prevent me from seeing my kids on Mady and Cara's birthday.  It's like an all-out battle," he told Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday night's broadcast. 

"She's trying to prevent me from seeing my kids because she doesn't want to see me."

While he said they initially agreed to have joint-shared custody on Thursday for their twins ninth birthday, Jon alleges Kate expressed a desire to change that arrangement in an email she sent him early Wednesday morning. 

"Jon, due to recent events, it will be too stressful for the kids to have both of us here as we had originally planned," Kate wrote in the alleged 5:50AM email, according to Entertainment Tonight.

"I would like to split the evening so they can see us both.  I would appreciate if you would pick them up at the bus stop [Thursday] at 4 and stay til 6 pm. We can trade off when I come home at 6 so I can do their cake I've baked them and the usual birthday stuff they are expecting me to do. Please let me know if this is suitable.  I'll need to know by end of today please."

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The email concludes with Kate offering Jon custody for part of the weekend.

"Oh, and I have given you (if you'd like to take them) Saturday at noon through Sunday at 5 pm... If you want to be here to see kids more.  Please let me know.  Thanks."

Jon described Kate's proposal as "ridiculous."

"Mady and Cara have been calling me around the clock waiting for me to come home," he told Hart.  "Now what am I going to say?  I can only be there two hours because Mommy said so? I don't think so."
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While Kate labeled the new schedule a "proposal" in her subject line and asked if it is "suitable" in the alleged email, Jon took it to be more of his estranged wife's bullying.

"She's telling me what to do instead of asking me," he told Hart.  "It's joint shared, and it should be both parent involvement."

Jon also discussed Kate's email with TMZ upon arriving back in New York from L.A., and he made it clear he has no intentions of adhering to Kate's proposal.

"I can stay as long as I want, and I will," he told TMZ.  "It's ridiculous for me to drive [to Pennsylvania] from New York, see them for two hours, and then drive back to New York.  I don't think so... I'll stay in my apartment if I have to."

In addition to airing the new interview with Jon, Entertainment Tonight's Wednesday broadcast also featured the show accompanying Jon on a shopping trip in which he explained what gifts he was buying twins Mady and Cara and aired some previously unaired portions of his Monday interview with anchor Mary Hart in which he claimed the girls "can't" have a happy birthday regardless of the situation.

"They didn't ask for this," he told Hart.  "It's not their fault.  But it is our fault by throwing our kids out there, shoving a camera in their face and asking an 8- or 9-year-old to explain it."

Thursday's birthday party would be the first time Jon and Kate saw each other since Jon had his lawyers demand last week that TLC "cease and desist" any television production on his family's property or face potential criminal charges.  Jon claims filming Jon & Kate Plus 8 has become "detrimental" to his children.

"As my old self -- as an avoider and passive -- I want to go home for Cara and Mady, but I don't want to face [Kate]," he told Hart. 

"We'll just put on a happy face just like my parents did in their divorce.  Put on a happy face, and do what's best for Mady and Cara.  But in closed doors, I'm going to my apartment [above the garage] and she's going to go to her bedroom."

In addition, Jon also said he's "absolutely" worried about what Kate might be telling their eight kids when she has custody -- but claimed he knows what a majority of those conversations between Kate and the kids entail.

"I know what she's saying to the kids because Mady can't keep a secret.  She calls me right away," he told Hart. "Sometimes its bad.  But I don't care.  Because when I'm with my kids, I'm a father.  They know it, they know I'm there for them, they know they can call me anytime, and they know that they're safe with me."

Jon described the current state of affairs surrounding his family as "too crazy" due to all the media coverage.

"We've already let too many people in and everything's going haywire," he said.  "We need to stop the presses, stop the show, stop having TLC throw wedges on our marriage."

In addition, Jon claimed he was unaware of Jon & Kate Plus 8's popularity until this summer.

"I didn't realize how big my notoriety is.  They didn't give us ratings.  I didn't know we had 11 million viewers until I started traveling," said Jon in an apparent reference to Jon & Kate Plus 8's June episode in which the couple publicly announced their separation -- a broadcast that drew a series-high 10.6 million total viewers.

During the interview, Jon also labeled his July vacation in which he and current girlfriend Hailey Glassman first went public with their relationship and vacationed with Ed Hardy fashion designer Christian Audigier in France a "set-up."

"Hailey and I now know that we shouldn't have gone to France, but it was a set-up.  It was a blatant set-up," said Jon, never really elaborating on who he was set up by. 

"Paparazzi were at the airport when we left, paparazzi were there when we arrived.  But we were there already.  What am I going to do?  Hop on a plane and fly back?"

The trip to the French Riviera wasn't Jon's only admitted mistake, as he said participating in a September interview with ABC's Primetime anchor Chris Cuomo --  in which he said he "despises" Kate -- wasn't a good decision.

"We were talking about craziness, it was drumming up memories of my house.  You've got to remember -- I know Kate better than anyone else and I know the stuff that went on in our house, and all that stuff was drudging up when I talked to Chris Cuomo," he explained. 

"When I said despised, I was bringing up old things.  I apologize for that.  It should have never came out of his mouth."

In addition, Jon also bashed Kate's rejection of his "olive branch" -- an apparent reference to his attempts to delay the couple's divorce proceedings.

"I don't want it to come to this, but unfortunately what happened is I threw the olive branch out there and she lit it on fire," he told Hart.