After initially playing a bit coy about their relationship, fourth-season The Bachelorette winner Jesse Csincsak and former The Bachelor bachelorette Holly Durst have confirmed they are dating. However, according to Csincsak, the romance isn't anything "super exclusive" yet.

"It's nothing like super exclusive," Csincsak told Extra in a joint interview with Durst that will air on the entertainment news program's Friday night's broadcast. "We just enjoy spending time together. We're taking our time with things."   

Csincsak -- who was subsequently dumped by fourth-season The Bachelorette star DeAnna Pappas -- told Extra that neither he nor Durst, who appeared as a bachelorette on The Bachelor: London Calling last year, had been looking to date when they first met each other at a party. Instead, their relationship began simply as friends.

"We were at a party at club Les Deux one evening and a mutual friend of ours introduced us," Csincsak said. "We stayed in contact as friends and eventually when we were both single, she came up to Colorado to do a little snowboarding and hang out." 

Earlier this week, Csincsak had admitted that he and Durst had recently spent the weekend skiing as part of an informal The Bachelor/The Bachelorette reunion in Csincsak's hometown of Breckinridge, CO.

"We're both from Ohio originally so we connect on a hometown basis as well as we've both had the same experience with TV," Csincsak told Extra.

"[Jesse is] probably one of the sweetest people I've ever met," Durst added. 

Although Csincsak lives in Colorado while Durst resides in Los Angeles, CA, Csincsak said that the couple has managed to see each other "every week or so" since they began dating.

"I think the thing about Holly is that she's always happy, and when you surround yourself with happy people it makes you happy," Csincsak told Extra as he cracked a smile.