After being nominated for eviction by Drew Daniel, the eleventh Head of Household, Jennifer Dedmon (aka "Nakomis"), was evicted last night from the Big Brother 5 house.

During the broadcast, Nakomis' half-brother, Michael Ellis (aka "Cowboy), won the Golden Power of Veto and chose to use it to save Nakomis' fellow eviction nominee Diane Henry. Since there were only four remaining houseguests and neither Drew (the current HoH) or Cowboy (the Golden Power of Veto holder) could be put on the block, the decision left Nakomis as the only remaining eviction nominee and therefore automatically resulted in her departure.

During last night's live broadcast, the restaurant hostess from San Antonio, TX, learned her fate, said her good-byes and left the house. After leaving Big Brother 5, Nakomis was interviewed by Julie Chen about her experience. Nakomis becomes the sixth member of the jury, joining Karen O'Neil-Ganci, Marvin Latimer, twin sisters Adria Klein and Natalie Carroll, and Will Wikle.

The three remaining HouseGuests then began competing in the "Earthquake" challenge, the first part of a three-part Head of Household competition that will determine that house's twelfth and final Head of Household.

With only three houseguests left in the house and the show's season finale now only a week away, Big Brother 5's remaining schedule is as follows:

- Thursday, September 16, 8-9PN ET/PT (Pre-empted for Survivor:Vanuatu -- Islands of Fire premiere)

- Friday, September 17, 8-9PM ET/PT (12th eviction)

- Saturday, September 18, 9-10PM ET/PT (Pre-empted)

- Tuesday, September 21, 8-9PM ET/PT (Season finale)

The winner of Big Brother 5 will be announced on the live season finale on Tuesday, September 21 (8-9PM ET/PT) when the seven-member jury will vote to determine which of the two remaining houseguests will win the grand prize.