After being nominated for eviction by James Rhine, Big Brother 7: All-Stars' third Head of Household, Jase Wirey became the third houseguest to be evicted from CBS's Big Brother 7: All-Stars house.

Jase was evicted in an unanimous 9-0 vote in which fellow nominee Will Kirby (Big Brother 2's grand prize winner) didn't receive a single eviction vote. As always, neither the current Head of Household nor the two eviction nominees were eligible to vote in the eviction balloting.

Earlier in the week, James had initially nominated Will and George "Chicken" Boswell for eviction. However despite being nominated, Will was not James' eviction target. Instead, James and his fellow Big Brother 6 allies intended to evict George and hoped that his eviction would force the house's "floaters" (the houseguests' term for what they perceive to be the non-allied or comparatively powerless members of the All-Stars house) to "pick sides" and ally themselves with either James' group or the house's thus far completely ineffectual "anti-BB6" camp.

Unfortunately for James and his allies, George destroyed their plan by winning the week's Power of Veto competition and taking himself off the chopping block. Demonstrating that he was willing to go to extreme lengths to remain the house, George (after already having, along with BB6 alliance member Kaysar Ridha, shaved his head in the challenge's previous round) won the Power Of Veto's tiebreaker round by agreeing to eat nothing but "Big Brother slop" for the remainder of his stay in the Big Brother 7: All-Stars house.

Forced to nominate a new houseguest to replace George on the chopping block, James -- despite having previously told Jase that he wouldn't do so -- opted to nominate Jase, who James' fellow Big Brother 6 allies deemed to be the biggest threat to their ongoing dominance. According to the somewhat difficult to understand explanation that Kaysar provided to Jase, James' Big Brother 6 alliance actually wanted to nominate Mike "Boogie" Malin, the other member of Will's two-man "Chilltown" alliance, but were fearful that if they did so, the rest of the house would want to keep "Boogie" and instead vote out Will, whom the BB6 alliance did not want to send home yet.

Although his fate seemed all but predetermined, Jase, a 30-year-old safety director who currently resides in Decatur, IL, formally learned his fate during last night's live Big Brother 7 broadcast. After leaving the house, Jase was interviewed by Julie Chen about his experience.

Once Jase was evicted and interviewed, the remaining houseguests competed in "The Writing's On the Wall," Big Brother 7: All-Stars' fourth Head of Household competition. As the outgoing HoH, James was not eligible to compete.

A multiple choice quiz that tested the houseguests memories of the text that appears on thematic "Loyalty," "Honesty," "Love," "Betrayal" "Deceit," and "Hate" dictionary definitions that adorn the Big Brother house's walls, the challenge ended with Janelle Pierzina -- Big Brother 6's second runner-up and member of the house's dominant alliance -- winning the challenge and becoming the first All-Stars houseguest to repeat as HoH (Janelle, along with Jase, previously served as the house's Week 1 "co-HoH's.")

Unlike Big Brother 7's previous multiple choice Head of Household competitions, last night's live challenge allowed the first person who correctly answered each question to directly eliminate one other household from the competition. Yet despite this ability, none of the house's non-Season 6 hosueguests appeared willing to openly take on the house's dominant BB6 foursome.

Only three non-BB6 alliance members were the first person to buzz in with a correct quiz answer and only Will -- who still made the questionable decision to eliminate Howie Gordon, arguably the BB6 foursome's weakest challenge threat -- opted to eliminate a former Big Brother 6 houseguest from the challenge. While Will later eliminated himself by buzzing in with an incorrect answer, Marcellas opened the challenge by eliminating "Boogie" and Big Brother 4 houseguest Erika Landin (after answering the fifth question correctly) later opted to eliminate George. Erika was then immediately eliminated by Kaysar, who like the rest of his fellow BB6 allies, consistently targeted the house's non-BB6 members.

Janelle's HoH challenge victory marks the fourth straight week that one of the All-Stars edition's four former Big Brother 6 houseguests has served as either Head of Household or co-Head of Household.