The fourth person to lose a chance to become America's Next Top Model surprisingly was Felicia, who the girls affectionately called Baby Tyra.  In this exclusive interview we will find out if being called baby Tyra got her booted off the show and why Mr.  Jay may have given her the wrong impression that she was doing well.   Keep reading to find out all the juicy details!

Question:  I am shocked that you were eliminated.  How are you doing?

Felicia:  My anger has calmed down a lot.  I realize now that it's not a big deal anymore.  I still cannot see why I was eliminated.  I did not see it coming.

Question:   During the show you were so happy that you started jumping up and down because you were so sure that you did well enough to stay.  Why do you think you were eliminated?

Felicia:  During the dead shoot they told me to put my arm here, there, move like this and that.  Everything went smoothly.  I was very calm and Mr. Jay kept saying I was doing a good job. I don't know why Tyra said that I was good the first two weeks and then started going downhill.  They never gave me any reason to feel that I was doing badly. 

Question:  Everyone kept calling you Baby Tyra on the show; do you think that it helped or hurt you?

Felicia:  Actually I think it helped because they saw something in me.  I really don't think I look like her but it was a nice complement.  Only the girls would call me Baby Tyra, not the judges.  There was one time when Nigel referred to me as Baby Tyra, but I don't know how he would know to say that to me.

Question:  Do you think you were too cocky or confident?

Felicia:  NO, I was always nervous.  During my first shoots I was nervous and felt the shoots did not go well; but they loved the photos.  However, the opposite happened with the dead shoot.  I felt it went so smoothly that I just knew I had enough good shots not to get me eliminated; but it did not work out that way.

Question:  Do you still have your "makeover" hair style?

Felicia:   Yes; I still have it.  I love the bangs.

Question:  There was a scene where you were showing Jael some dance moves.  Were you trying to audition for a dance show or maybe someone would see that clip and hire you as a dancer?

Felicia:   I don't put dance over modeling.  Dance is a way for me to express myself or to release tension if I am angry or mad.  It's just something for me to do.  I take dance classes in my home town because it's just something to do.  I was trying to help Jael get her mind off the death of her friend.  I think it worked because she started to laugh and enjoy herself.
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Note to readers:  Girlfriend must have danced up a storm after  her elimination.  If she wanted something to do, why was it not auditions for modeling jobs/classes instead of dance gigs?  Hmmmmm.

Question:  What were you doing before the show and will you go back to your old life or go to college?

Felicia:  Before the show I was a back up dancer for an artist named Aston.  She is working on her publicity stuff.  I really had a lot of free time and she was looking for some dancers so I said I would do it.  I don't want to go to college until I figure out what will happen with the show.  I don't want to stop in the middle of a semester like Whitney.

Question:  Is a photo of Adrienne in the house. She is the very first winner of top model.               

Felicia:  [After a pause in which she mentally reviewed every room in the house] I don't remember seeing Adrienne's photo.

Note to readers:  Yessssss... I am going to ask this question every time.  Listen, there are a couple of U.S President's who we would like to erase from our history books, but we cannot do it.  Did Adrienne sell U.S. secrets to foreign countries?  Did she rob a bank?  Did she pose nude?  What did she do that was so awful?   Anyway... back to our interview.

Question:  Are you going to move to LA or NY?

Felicia:  I want to move to LA sooooooooo bad!

Question:  What is stopping you?

Felicia:  Actually, I'm waiting to see what is going to happen with the show before I commit to anything.

This was a very nice conversational interview.  I don't know if Felicia noticed but the show does not do too much of anything for the eliminated contestants.  Especially the first booted five.  They are having a challenge trying to keep the winners in the forefront.  She better make things happen for herself instead of 'waiting' for the 'show' to make things happen.  Just ask Adrienne.  She knows first hand that if she would have just sat and waited, we would not remember that she won anything.

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