Nick Hogan's lawyers feel his current stint in solitary confinement is a case of the punishment not fitting the crime.

Lawyers for the 17-year-old filed a motion in Pinellas County Court on Monday requesting the former Hogan Knows Best co-star be released from solitary confinement to instead serve the remainder of his eight-month sentence in a program where he would receive the same treatment as anyone else with the same sentence, Us Weekly reported.

"Nick's current confinement in maximum security was not appropriate based on their evaluation of Nick, the circumstances of his offense, and Nick's lack of any prior criminal record," his lawyer's claim, according to Us.

Hogan -- the son of wrestler Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea -- was convicted earlier this month after pleading no contest to charges stemming from his car crash last August.  He is currently spending up to 17 hours a day in solitary confinement, according to the motion filed by his lawyers. 

According to court documents, Hogan was placed in solitary confinement because the jail where he is being held was not equipped to house a minor in the adults-only minimum-security area.

"Treating a minor in this manner is simply unwarranted," Hogan's lawyer Morris "Sandy" Weinberg told Us.  "We are only asking the court to make available to Nick what anyone else in his situation would have available to them, and also to respect the Bollea family‚Äôs privacy."

Hogan was driving his father's 1998 Toyota Supra last August when he lost control and hit a raised median, spinning the vehicle and causing its rear end to strike a palm tree.   Nick's front-seat passenger -- former U.S. Marine John Graziano -- spent several weeks in critical condition in a medically-induced coma.  Graziano suffered a broken skull and is expected to need lifelong care that will probably require he spend the remainder of his life in a nursing home.

Following a more than two month investigation by police, Nick was arrested on charges of reckless driving involving serious bodily injury; using a motor vehicle in commission of a felony; being a driver under 21 operating a vehicle with a breath-alcohol level of 0.02% or higher; and having illegal window tinting.

He was sentenced earlier this month to eight months in jail after he pleaded no contest to reckless driving.  He also received five years of probation and surrendered his driving privileges for three years. 

Graziano's lawyers have also filed a lawsuit, alleging three counts of negligence on the part of Hulk and one count each on Linda and Nick.