"American Idol" judge Paula Abdul has signed onto "Bratz: The Movie," the first live-action Hollywood work based on MGA Entertainment's popular fashion dolls.

IGNFilmForce reported that Abdul will serve as a member of the film's creative team, offering her skills to the production in areas such as fashion, choreography and music.

Much as she does on "American Idol," Abdul will work with the film's director, Sean McNamara, and other key film officials to discover fresh new talent for the production.

"I am extremely excited about working on this film, which incorporates and celebrates so many of my passions, from music, dance and choreography to fashion and design," the former pop singer said in a statement. "As a brand, Bratz encourages young girls to follow their dreams and express themselves. This authentic and organic philosophy has always been an important part of my life and my work and I will always continue to nurture new talent while keeping their dreams alive."

Production on the fashion doll-based film is scheduled to begin in February. It's tentatively set for an August 2007 release, IGNFilmForce said.