Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, Dannielynn Hope, is in the care of Howard K. Stern's mother in the Bahamas, People magazine reports.

The 5-month-old girl has been tended by Stern's mother and sister as well as spending time with the mother of Shane Gibson, a high-ranking Bahamian official and close friend of Smith's, in the Bahamas.

She was reportedly with Gibson's mother when Smith died in Florida on Thursday of an unknown cause, much like the death of her son, Daniel, on Sept. 10 in the Bahamas.

Stern, who is officially listed as Dannielynn's father, is also in Florida. Police announced Friday that there is evidence that a crime had occurred in Smith's death.

Stern has been a part of the investigation but is not thought to have had anything to do with the death, the report said.

"Of course he wants to be with her (the baby)," said Smith's lawyer Ron Rale, "but I don't know exactly when he will get there."