Hell's Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay narrowed the Fox culinary competition's tenth season to fifteen contestants during Monday night's third-episode broadcast.

Gordon eliminated Briana Swanson, a 32-year-old personal chef from New York, NY, after her women's Red Team lost the season's third dinner service challenge to the men's Blue Team. 

Briana's departure leaves fifteen tenth-season Hell's Kitchen contestants competing for a head chef position working under executive chef Kevin Hee at Gordon's Gordon Ramsay Steak restaurant at the Paris Las Vegas hotel and casino in Las Vegas, NV.

"I came here to Hell's Kitchen to challenge myself.  I don't think Chef Ramsay really got to see what kind of chef I am," Briana said after her ouster.

"I'm a very passionate chef, but he didn't think I was enough of a fighter about it, and he was probably right."

Briana had repeatedly burned fish during dinner service and volunteered to be nominated for elimination after her Red team lost the service to the Blue team. In addition, the women also voted to put Barbie Marshall, a 34-year-old catering chef from Philadelphia, PA, on the chopping block alongside Briana.

Gordon also decided Roshni Gurnani's poor dinner service performance had put her in danger of going home and ordered her to also face elimination. However, in the end, he decided Briana would be the one to depart Hell's Kitchen.

Briana, give me your jacket please, it's time to leave Hell's Kitchen," Gordon said. "You're not getting stronger, and I need someone strong. Very strong. Thank you."

"Thanks Chef," Briana replied.

"Goodnight," Gordon said.

Earlier in the episode, the Red Team won a reward dinner service in which the Red and Blue teams competed to serve all-American meals to the participants of a U.S. Citizenship ceremony.

As their reward, the women won a trip to San Diego where they enjoyed a private safari with Gordon.  Meanwhile, the men were required to perform manual labor at the Ballona Wetlands as punishment for their loss.