Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay says young British women "can't cook to save their lives."

Ramsay, 38, said he has been traveling England with a film crew for his new TV show, "The F-Word," and was surprised by "how little cooking the girls are doing," the Daily Mail reported Monday.

"Seriously, there are huge numbers of young women out there who know how to mix cocktails but can't cook to save their lives, whereas men are finding their way into the kitchen in ever-growing numbers," he told Radio Times. "Trust me, I am only telling you what I have discovered."

While TV chef Nigella Lawson has expressed similar sentiments, one of the "Two Fat Ladies," Clarissa Dickson Wright called Ramsay's comments "rubbish."

Chef Tessa Bramley came down on the Wright side, saying women not men "do the nitty-gritty work in the kitchen."