Heidi Klum is posing nude to promote Project Runway's ninth season, which will premiere this summer.

The Project Runway star participated in a photo shoot last week in which she bared all as a tool to evoke hype for Lifetime's upcoming season of the reality fashion competition, The Hollywood Reporter reported.

Lifetime president Nancy Dubuc reportedly announced the supermodel's willingness to be featured in the network's sexier campaign in attempt to further "embrace the contemporary woman" during a discussion at Real Screen's Factual Entertainment Forum last week.

According to Dubuc, Klum stripped down as part of Lifetime's efforts to celebrate "brazen, strong, confident, and sexy" women in its marketing and overcome the "women in peril" programming reputation the network has developed over the years, The Reporter reported.

Klum has yet to decide and sign off on the final photograph that will be used in Lifetime's campaign for the new season of Project Runway, according to The Reporter.