After being nominated for eviction by Jason Guy, the seventh Head of Household, Gerald Lancaster was evicted from the BIG BROTHER 3 house based on an unanimous vote during last night's live show. Jason also nominated Amy Crews. Jason won the Power of Veto and chose to leave the nominations as they stood.

During last night's live broadcast, Gerry, the teacher from Shadow Hills, Calif., learned his fate, said his good-byes and left the house. After leaving BIG BROTHER 3, Gerry was interviewed by Julie Chen about his experience and was reunited with his sons, Owynn and Geoffrey, and his daughter, Morgan. Gerry celebrated his 28th wedding anniversary while he was in the house.

Gerry was unanimously voted out by fellow HouseGuests Marcellas Reynolds, Lisa Donahue, Danielle Reyes and Roddy Mancuso. As Head of Household, Jason would have only voted in the event of a tie. Following Gerry's departure, the HouseGuests competed to become the next Head of Household. Marcellas won the game to become the eighth Head of Household, the second time he has held the coveted title.