Gator Boys will be returning with the new year.

Animal Planet has announced the second season of Gator Boys will premiere Sunday, January 6 at 9PM ET/PT.

Gator Boys' second season will continue to follow stars Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle as they bring their act of wrangling and capturing alligators alive with their bare hands from their Florida rescue location to Mississippi.

Bedard and Riffle will use their 30 years of wild-animal experience to skillfully wrestle "bigger and meaner" reptiles in the Southern swamplands, according to Animal Planet.

The upcoming season of Gator Boys will feature the men attempting to find and capture a legendary 15-foot alligator to keep hunters and trappers safe. Riffle will try to work things out with girlfriend Sara who moves to be with him in Mississippi only to spend hours away from him in a swampy area. Fellow Gator Boys star Tre Burton will also end up in the emergency room after struggling with one swamp alligator.

Gator Boys is produced by Mike Mathis Productions with Mathis, Brian Puterman and Eric Streit serving as executive producers. Dawn Sinsel is an executive producer for Animal Planet.