Fox has revealed the identities of the twelve wannabe chefs and restaurateurs who will be competing on the second edition of Hell's Kitchen, its culinary boot camp reality series.

Once again hosted by foul-mouthed British chef Gordon Ramsay, Hell's Kitchen 2 will feature twelve contestants attempting to win an executive chef position at a fine dining restaurant in the Red Rock Casino Resort Spa, a new recently opened Las Vegas casino. In addition to becoming executive chef, the winner will also receive an undisclosed "financial interest" in the restaurant and assist in its design.

Hell's Kitchen 2 will premiere Monday, June 12 with a special two-hour debut. Like last season, in addition to working together, Hell's Kitchen's chef-wannabes will also live together in a house that will keep the contestants under cameras 24/7. Each week, Ramsay -- an extremely demanding perfectionist and former professional soccer player -- will slice and dice the contestants, sending home those who he thinks "can't stand the heat."

Hell's Kitchen 2 was filmed at the same location as the show's original edition -- the Los Angeles restaurant location that was originally supposed to serve as the first season's grand prize (Hell's Kitchen 1 ended with Michael Wray, its 27-year-old winner, turning down the restaurant prize and instead accepting Ramsay's offer to come work at his world-famous London restaurant.)

The twelve contestants who will be competing on Hell's Kitchen 2 are:

• Gabe, a 27-year-old marketing executive from Chicago, IL
• Garrett, a 27-year-old former prisoner/chef from Cedar Park, TX
• Giacomo, a pizza maker from Euless, TX
• Keith, a 28-year-old chef/bartender from South Hampton, NY
• Larry, a 38-year-old fishmonger from Arlington, TX
• Tom, a 43-year-old former stockbroker from Belleville, NJ
• Heather, a 25-year-old sous chef from Port Jefferson, NY
• Maribel, a 31-year-old cafeteria chef from Brooklyn, NY
• Polly, a 43-year-old caterer from Ben Franklin, TX
• Rachel, a 39-year-old personal chef from Dallas, TX
• Sara, a 31-year-old deli manager from Dallas, TX
• Virginia, a 25-year-old salad chef from New York, NY