Varieety reports that FOX is developing "Married by America," a weekly reality series that will search for folks hungry to get hitched -- and then set them up with arranged marriages. The American viewing public will play matchmaker, voting on which couples will get engaged.

"Married by America" will likely unfold over six to eight weeks, beginning with a nationwide search "for people who are tired of the dating scene and are open to the idea of having a marriage arranged for them," said Fox reality chief Mike Darnell.

Details are still being hammered out, but producers will likely first cast a small number of people -- perhaps four people, evenly split between men and women. Each person's potential spouse will be determined first by so-called "marriage exports," then by family members, and finally by "American Idol"-style viewer phone votes. Only at this point will the person actually set eyes on their selected mate. After that, cameras will follow all of the newly engaged couples as they live together and get to know one another. In the season finale of "Married by America," the couples will announce whether they plan to get hitched on the show or call off their engagement.