In a way, we can't help but suspect that Survivor All-Stars contestant Rudy Boesch must have had a deja vu feeling regarding his Survivor experience.

In 2000, Rudy rode his alliance with Richard Hatch to the game's Final 3 immunity challenge that would determine which contestant would have the right to advance to the Final 2 voting. In that challenge, Richard quickly opted out of the competition, leaving (some might term it betraying) Rudy as the last man standing to battle against a then 23-year-old Kelly Wigglesworth. Alone against a youthful competitor one-third his age, the then 72-year-old former Navy Seal proceeded to battle the equatorial sun for over four hours before inadvertently removing his hand from the pole and losing the challenge to Kelly. The rest, as they say, was history.

In Survivor All-Stars, Rudy thought he had once again established a strong alliance -- this time with former Pearl Islands contestant Rupert Boneham -- only to once again be surprised as, when push came to shove, his "ally" played a passive role and allowed others to oust Rudy from the game. However, this time around the injured Rudy wasn't the fourteenth player voted out of the game, but instead only the second. Should Rudy ever get a third chance to play this game, perhaps he should ally himself with someone other than a large, overweight wanna-be food provider who's first name begins with an "R".

Episode 2's correct bootee prediction lifts our Survivor All-Stars prediction record to 2-0. In Spoiler Island fantasy game action, Episode 2 scores have been posted and only seven players remain tied for first place with perfect scores. Congratulations to all. And if you haven't signed up yet, there's still time -- sign-up now.

So what happens next week? Do Rupert and Jerri really get into a heated exchange? Does Richard wrestle a shark into submission? Does bad news from home force one contestant from the game? Will a four contestant Saboga tribe be able to break it's losing streak? Check out our Survivor spoilers forum for the latest details on these and many other hot topics!