Former The Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman is penning a book hilariously titled "It's Not Okay" that will reveal the secrets of her split from ex-fiance Josh Murray.

"It is basically a tongue-in-cheek diary of my breakup but it's also kind of like the anti self-help book," Dorfman, a former district attorney who currently lives in New York, told People on Thursday. "I went through a very public breakup but it was also extremely private."

Dorfman, 28, starred on the tenth season of The Bachelorette and got engaged to Murray, 30, in late 2014.

The couple's January 2015 breakup came as a shock to Bachelor Nation, and neither individual ever discussed their issues in public -- other than Dorfman crying to Chris Harrison about how much it hurt to lose the former pro baseball player during an ABC special that aired towards the end of Chris Soules' The Bachelor season.

However, a couple sources came forward saying there was a power struggle in Dorfman and Murray's relationship. They both reportedly fought to be the alpha and their personalities clashed once they started dating full speed ahead in the real world.

"I didn't share a lot of stuff and I feel like we, as women, don't share a lot of bad emotions that are associated with breakups and this book kind of defies that. It's like, you know what? I did it. I did every good, bad, ugly, sad, crazy, psychotic thing that women do. I'm like, here it is -- we all do it. I am proof that we all do it," Dorfman explained.

Dorfman doesn't have an active dating life right now, but she's not even entertaining the idea of utilizing online/phone apps.

"I don't think I will ever go on them," Dorfman told People. "I think I did the reality dating television shows enough to not have to do the apps now. I did my little guilty pleasure."

Dorfman's life seems to be running parallel to the character Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. Ironically, Sarah Jessica Parker lives in Dorfman's neighborhood and the former Bachelorette could actually snag some tips from her.

"I'm just like jaw to the ground every time. I haven't had the courage to go up and say anything to her yet," Dorfman noted. "She like walks down my street in the mornings to take the kids to school."

The book title "It's Not Okay" derives from Dorfman's famous complaint about The Bachelor's Season 18 star Juan Pablo Galavis, who was criticized for not listening to women and just saying "it's okay" to basically shut them up and kiss them. Dorfman quit Galavis' season after spending the night with him in a fantasy suite and memorably bashed him.

Dorfman's book will hit the shelves in Spring 2016.