It's not Mythbusters: Food Edition, but it sounds awfully close.

Food Network has announced Food Detectives, a new reality series hosted by former Queer Eye food and wine specialist and current Top Chef judge Ted Allen as he explores the connection between science and food, will premiere Tuesday, July 29 at 9PM ET/PT.

"I'm so excited to be working with Food Network on this new series," said Allen. "It's a fantastic opportunity for me to head up my own show and I know that viewers are going to be totally engaged with the information we are discovering on Food Detectives!"

Each half-hour Food Detectives' episode will follow Allen, who with the help of culinary technicians and leading experts from Popular Science magazine, will conduct experiments to debunk myths that run rampant in the food world.

Food Detectives' myth investigations will include whether it really takes seven years for gum to digest in your stomach; if an "apple a day" really improve health and keep the doctor away; and whether food still edible after five seconds on the floor. 

In addition, viewers are able to submit their own puzzling food conundrums for potential show experiments.

"We've wanted to work with Ted for years on a series of his own and we've found a great fit in Food Detectives," said Food Network programming executive Bob Tuschman. "Not only will this show provide a wealth of interesting information for our viewers, it also gives Ted an opportunity to show off his wit and culinary knowledge."

Allen served as Queer Eye's food and wine expert beginning when the show premiered in July 2003 to when it aired it's final episode last fall.  He became a regular on Top Chef's judging panel for the Bravo reality show's Summer 2007 third season and reprised that role for the show's currently airing fourth season.

Mythbusters, a Discovery Channel series that premiered in 2003, follows special effects experts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage as they debunk urban legends and tall tales.  The show's sixth season debuted earlier this year.