Flavor Flav has finally found love, but it wasn't with any of the numerous Flavor of Love bachelorettes he's met over the years.

Despite selecting Thing 2 as his final suitor during last week's VH1 broadcast of Flavor of Love's third-season finale, the Public Enemy rapper proposed to Liz -- the mother of his youngest son Karma -- at the conclusion of the pre-taped reunion show that aired on Monday night.  However Flavor Flav apparently knew Liz was the one for him during Flavor of Love's Summer 2006 second season.

"Honestly, I kinda realized it around Flavor of Love 2, but we had to get past Flavor of Love 3. You know what I'm sayin' and the whole nine?" Flav told VH1.com in a recent interview. "It took me to do this show to really, really realize, 'Yes, I'm right and I'm gonna stick with my son and his mom.'"

Flav added that "out of all" of the 65 women featured on the three Flavor of Love installments, none of them "had qualities" like Liz.

"She's a very, very good mom at home," he told VH1.com about Liz.  "She's a very wonderful person and she's been hanging in there with me. I love her so much for that. I think right now she deserves the best and the best is me."

Liz told VH1.com that it was "very" hard watching the father of her son woo women on the reality dating series.

"I've watched some of the shows, but it's real tough. You never want to see someone you love on TV with other women," she explained to VH1.com.  "It's hard seeing someone you love on TV looking for love, especially when I knew that he had love. I was the one."

Flav had previously promised Flavor of Love's third season would have a "happy ending," and he thinks it did even though none of the show's suitors ended up with him.

"People really thought that Flav couldn't find love. That's not true, because I had love all along," he told VH1.com.  "Right now, I feel so relieved.  I feel real good right now that I got my true love. I wanna be with her forever and ever and ever, man."

Karma -- who was born last year -- represents Flav's seventh child, and he has previously stated that his goal is to have 10 children.

"We'll try," said Liz when asked by VH1.com if she thought it was attainable.

In addition to attempting to have more kids, Flav is also busy with other endeavors, including several summer Public Enemy concerts.
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"We never broke up. As long as I'm living and as long as Chuck D is living, Public Enemy is always going to be alive," Flav told VH1.com.

Flav is also currently starring in the MyNetworkTV sitcom Under One Roof, a role he said he's "having fun with right now."

"It's so different than reality TV. With reality TV you got cameras on you 24 hours a day, and you're under your own direction," he told VH1.com.  "With sitcom television, I'm under someone else's direction. I'm rehearsing and delivering lines. And I'm really having fun with it. I'm hoping that this can last for another five to 10 years."

Still, Flav stopped short of saying that he'll never appear on a reality show again.

"That doesn't mean I won't be on reality TV again, but I won't be on reality dating shows anymore," he told VH1.com.  "It's over. I got mines. I got my flavor of love right there."