People Magazine reports that while the final selection of bachelor Aaron on ABC's reality game show "The Bachelor" won't be announced until the Nov. 20 finale, the name of the woman he selected when the filming concluded may already have been leaked. (SPOILER ALERT: Do not continue reading if you don't want to know.)

ADVERTISEMENT recently announced that it had suspended wagering on "The Bachelor" after the gambling site received a large number of bets from Springfield, Mo. -- the hometown of bachelor Aaron Buerge -- within the past week. According to, all of the bets were on the same woman (which one exactly they declined to reveil) and all of them for $300, the maximum that will allow for a wager. According to a spokesperson, the site was receiving applications for new accounts from Springfield at the rate of nine per minute.

Combine this with that fact that "The Bachelor" producers recently confirmed to PEOPLE that Buerge and the winner have even "been out a few times," and you have to think that just maybe these folks are on to something. Highlight the below empty space to see the reported name of Aaron's final selection:

According to news reports, Aaron's final selection is HELENE

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