NBC announced Monday that as part of what it emphasized was a plan to launch new programming throughout the September-May season, Fear Factor will not be part of the network's initial 2005-2006 Fall primetime schedule. Instead, Fear Factor will be return to the network's schedule at some point later in the season.

Joining Fear Factor on NBC's midseason schedule will be Scrubs, the network's quirky sitcom, and two other new sitcoms, Four Kings, an ensemble that stars Seth Green as one of four lifelong friends on the cusp of adulthood, and Thick and Thin, which stars The Practice's Jessica Capshaw as a once overweight woman who is adjusting to life as a fit and newly single woman

A ratings star for NBC as recently as last season, the still popular Fear Factor suffered a ratings drop this season -- with many analysts citing the program's successful debut in daily syndication as the likely cause.