Survivor: San Juan del Sur -- Blood vs. Water's merged Huyopa tribe eliminated Jon Misch during the most recent episode of the CBS reality competition's 29th season.

Jon, a 26-year-old financial assistant from Waterford, MI, was voted out of his Huyopa tribe on Night 35 at the season's twelfth Tribal Council session.

Jon was blindsided by his alliance of five members after Natalie Anderson devised a plan to use Keith Nale against him and vote him out. Jon's girlfriend at the time Jaclyn Schultz -- who is now his fiancee -- is still in the game.

During an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Thursday, Jon talked about his Survivor experience. Below is the concluding portion of his interview. Click here and here to read the first two parts. 

Reality TV World: Which castaway/s do you think could've beaten Natalie in a jury vote if they made it to the end and why? What case do you think each person would have?

Jon Misch: Of the people that are there, you ask?

Reality TV World: Yes, out of the remaining five.

Jon Misch: Okay, just making sure. (Laughs) I think Keith would have a good argument mainly because he's been on the chopping block, it seems, since Day 1. And somehow -- I don't know why he didn't play his idol at any of the times that he was on the chopping block. He waited until I was on the chopping block. (Laughs) And then I played it and that's when he played it. Anyways...

Reality TV World: And clearly it was useless because either him or Wes Nale was definitely going home regardless.

Jon Misch: Right! (Laughs) And that, actually, we were just talking about how that has turned into a Blood vs. Water thing, like, you play your idol, and you're sending your loved one home! I mean, that sucks! So, yeah, I think Keith though, because you can blame blind luck only to a certain extent. I mean, he's gotten through so many Tribals and won so many Immunity Challenges, I think he'd have a good case.

Reality TV World: A lot of the castaways have been shown making comments about you and Jaclyn acting entitled, like a glamour couple, meaning you did little around camp -- particularly Jaclyn. Keith, for example, dubbed Jaclyn the beauty-queen type. Were you aware of the perception people had of you both out there or is this a new realization? How have things played out since discovering a lot of your friends kind of trash-talked you guys?

Jon Misch: It was a game. I don't hold that against them at all. We've all talked now and we're all good friends about it. It's a little frustrating, but at the same time, when you're out there and you're starving and you get all these emotions thrown around, Jaclyn and I really confided in each other a lot.
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And I think more of the frustrations they were voicing were based on the fact that we show a lot of PDA, you know? And I think that being so lovey-dovey around camp may have frustrated people. Because it's like, "Dude, just stop it. We're sick of seeing it already." The thing with Natalie, she talked about, "I'm money hungry" or something like that.

And then she talked about how I said that I want to move to Vegas and work in a great restaurant and move to Italy and that's what I want to do with my money. As soon as Survivor was over, Jaclyn and I moved to Las Vegas and I worked at the place that was rated the No. 1 steakhouse in Las Vegas and I got my Level 1 certification as a sommelier.

So, I wasn't talking about "what I was going to do with my million dollars because I knew I was going to win," I was just saying what I was passionate about and what I would like to do. (Laughs) So there were misinterpretations of things I said and just voicing of frustrations. So, I can't hold that against them.

Reality TV World: How were you cast on Survivor? How did you come to end up on the show? Did you apply or were you guys approached?

Jon Misch: Jaclyn actually, she got called for The Amazing Race and they asked her to be on it with one of her Miss USA friends, and that fell through. So they asked her to be on it with me -- with her loved one or whatever -- and we got to the finals of that.

And then they said, "Well, they don't you. What about Survivor? Would you like to look into that?" And we were like, "Oh, absolutely! Let's do it." (Laughs) So that's really how that happened.

Reality TV World: Could you clarify what your deal with Missy Payne was? Did you have a Final 4 deal where you'd just battle it out at that point to get into the Final 3?

Jon Misch: No, actually, Missy and I -- once we were at the tribe swap -- had talked about a Final 4 with me, her, Jaclyn, and [Baylor Wilson]. And we didn't go further than that. Once Natalie came into the picture, we talked about it being me, her and Natalie in the Final 3. And once we got down to five, Jaclyn and Baylor basically volunteered to say, "We will go, like, we don't care in what order."

Like it was going to be Jaclyn and then Baylor or Baylor and then Jaclyn. They said, "We don't care." And then I had said -- or Jaclyn actually pointed out -- "I would like to be voted out first." Jaclyn said that. Jaclyn wanted to be voted out before Baylor because she wanted to be able to talk with the jury and convince them to vote for me, or to have more time than Baylor with the jury.

So that was actually all planned out. We were supposed to be in the Final 5 and we knew who was going next and all that. And then Natalie was the one that threw the wrench in the plan. (Laughs)

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