Craig Wayne Boyd won The Voice's seventh season against the odds, and now he's reflecting on his victory.

"It truly feels like validation, that all the hard work I've put in up to this point has been worth it," Boyd was shown saying on the Today show Wednesday morning.

During his actual appearance on Today, Boyd said, "It feels wonderful; It feels wonderful. The sleep, I can do that when I'm dead, I guess right?"

The country singer, who was on Blake Shelton's team, faced off against Adam Levine's team members Matt McAndrew, Chris Jamison and Damien. Boyd acknowledged he was surprised to win because he basically had a 25% chance. McAndrew finished as the runner-up, Chris claimed third place and Damien finished fourth this season.

Boyd explained that he had a certain approach on The Voice that got him through one performance show to the next.

"Well, every week that I went out there, my goal was not to be in a competition," he noted. "The only competition was with myself, to go out there and do my best. And if I did that, I felt like America would vote me through."

But Boyd experienced some turbulence during his run on the show. He lost both his "battle" and "knockout" round, which resulted in him bouncing back and forth from Shelton's team to fellow coach Gwen Stefani's team.

Shelton previously admitted he regretted eliminating Boyd right from the start so he saved his last "steal" of the season just for him.

"Gwen really brought a sense of style to me. She wanted to -- as she said -- change my look, you know, make me over. And it was fun. I don't mind those kind of things. To me, that was the coolest part of it, because it really opened my mind up to I was more than just in country music, that it could be global," Boyd told Today.

As for the advice Shelton gave Boyd now that he's "The Voice," the coach told him to continue being himself and "hold on tight" because "it's going to be a crazy ride."