And then there were none. Ethan Zohn, the last of Survivor's four previous ultimate survivors, was voted out of Survivor: All Stars last evening, ensuring that, as the game's other contestants had desired from Day 1, a former winner will not win the All-Star edition.

The broadcast opened with disheartened Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien returning from her Chapera reward challenge trip to an empty Mogo Mogo camp -- with the rest of Mogo Mogo still at last week's Tribal Council session in which Colby Donaldson was booted. The next morning, both tribes were instructed to select an ambassador to visit the other tribe's camp. At Chapera, no one volunteered, so straws were drawn and Jenna Lewis came up short. Over at Mogo Mogo, it was decided that Kathy should simply make a return visit to her new Chapera buddies. Upon arriving at the camps, the ambassadors learned that they had been tasked with identifying three items that their tribe would "pillage" from the other tribe should their tribe win that day's upcoming Reward Challenge.

At the Reward Challenge, the tribes discovered that the competition would be a simple log roll -- with one competitor from each tribe walking onto the log, and the last player standing scoring a point for their team. The first tribe to get five points would win. Despite getting off to a 2-0 advantage, Mogo Mogo (once again) was unable to win the challenge and Chapera claimed the right to Mogo Mogo's grill, fishing spear and the majority of its rice.

At the Immunity Challenge, the tribes faced off in a weapons challenge, with Mogo Mogo once again taking the early lead, but once again failing to win when the challenge came down to a one-on-one bow-and-arrow showdown between Jerri Manthey and Rob Mariano in the final round. While Rob landed only one arrow, Jerri was was unable to land a single arrow on the target, and as a result Chapera won yet again, sending Mogo Mogo back to Tribal Council... again.

Emboldened by his previously successful booting of Colby, Lex van den Berghe once again schemed with Jerri and the other women to boot a strong male contender -- this time Ethan. As he did in Survivor: Africa, Lex once again also felt the need to "follow his gut" and break the news of the upcoming Tribal Council voting to his intended target, resulting in a significant tantrum (most of which was not shown on television) by Ethan. In the end, it didn't change anything and a gleeful Jerri watched a third straight Mogo Mogo male depart while she once again managed to remain in the game.

Episode 8's correct bootee prediction lifts our Survivor All-Stars prediction record to 7-0-1. In Spoiler Island fantasy game action, Icarus incorrectly selected Jerri as this week's bootee and as a result, fell from the leaderboard, creating a new 5-way tie for first place.

Next week appears to be a recap episode, so what happens in two weeks? Will there finally be a merge or simply a reshuffling of the tribes??? Does Amber join Mogo Mogo? And will Lex and his tribe of women have any chance versus Chapera's Big Tom, Rupert, and Boston Rob? Check out our Survivor spoilers forum for the latest details on these and many other hot topics!