Erin Andrews is now seeking $75 million in damages from being secretly videotaped in her hotel room in 2008.

In papers filed with the Nashville Circuit Court this week and obtained by The Smoking Gun, the former ESPN sports correspondent, now a Fox Sports broadcaster and "Dancing with the Stars" co-host, is demanding $75 million from several defendants involved in the case including her stalker Michael David Barrett.

The traveling television personality alleges workers at the Nashville Marriott hotel and others in which she was videotaped by Barrett are guilty of negligence and invasion of privacy. She claims the several hotels in question freely revealed Andrews' whereabouts including her room number and granted Barrett the room next to hers several times.

Barrett, the Illinois man accused and convicted of stalking the reporter, secretly videotaped Andrews through altered peep holes in her hotel room doors. An insurance company executive, Barrett uploaded several videos online and planned to sell them to celebrity gossip sites. After investigation, Barrett pleaded guilty to harassment and stalking charges and was ultimately sentenced to 30 months in prison.

Andrews said during a court hearing at the time she had been humiliated and embarrassed, "and my career has been ripped apart."

"I am subject to crude comments," she told the court. "I walk into stadiums, and fans make crude comments to me. I have nightmares about this sexual predator."