Erin Andrews was awarded a $55 million judgement Monday against her stalker and the owner of a hotel where nude videos of Andrews were secretly shot in 2008.

The jury chose not to award the sportscaster and "Dancing with the Stars" co-host the full $75 million she sought, but after an eight-hour deliberation, split lesser damages almost down the middle, with Andrews' stalker, Michael David Barrett -- who has already served a two-year prison sentence -- ordered to pay about $28 million, and the owners of the Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University ordered to pay about $26 million.

Neither Andrews nor her lawyers spoke to reporters after the verdict, but Andrews tweeted her thanks to the jury and the people of Nashville.

Barrett originally created the secret video by removing the peepholes from her hotel room door and pointing his cell phone camera lens through the hole.

Barrett, a former a truck driver, testified during his trial in 2009 that his motivation was financial and he was "not proud" of his creating the video, which an expert testified had been seen by an estimated 16.8 million people.

Vanderbilt psychologist Dr. Kim Brown testified that the former ESPN, now Fox Sports sportscaster, now 37, suffers from mild post-traumatic stress disorder.

"One of the worst thoughts I have is when I walk around a stadium," said Andrews during the trail. "There's always that thought, as I walk right by the stands, and I think, 'My God, everyone in this stadium has seen that video.'

"It's on the Internet now," she said, "And I've been told it's going to be on the Internet until I die."