Emily Maynard and Jef Holm are reportedly giving their love another chance.

"They're back together," a The Bachelor insider told Us Weekly in its latest issue.

"Emily deeply loved Jef, and still does. She also wants validation that she isn't a complete f-ckup at relationships," a Maynard insider told the magazine, referencing how Maynard has been engaged to three different men without ever really tying the knot.

Maynard and Holm got engaged at the conclusion of this summer's edition of The Bachelorette but confirmed they had split in October following two months of reports their relationship had been on the rocks. Some of the speculation had been that Maynard cheated on Holm, and rumors are now claiming Holm is just hungry for the limelight.

"Emily can't let go because she's in love with him. Jef is interested in being famous," the Maynard insider said.

"[Jef is] the assh-le she cannot let go," added another source close to the former The Bachelorette star.

A source close to Holm told Us that in November, Holm was beginning to feel like he was in the shadow of Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum's December wedding -- which aired on TV on December 16 -- along with Sean Lowe's new upcoming season of The Bachelor and therefore wanted to get back into the spotlight. As a result, Holm allegedly began texting Maynard in the hope of reconciling.

"Jef takes advantage of her feelings," said the Maynard insider. "Jef knew Sean would steal his thunder. He loves fame too much to let that happen."

Maynard then reportedly wanted to take Holm as her date to Hebert and Rosenbaum's wedding but the plan fell through because "they got into a huge fight," a source told Us. "Emily said something and Jef flipped out -- as usual."

However, Maynard reportedly still said at the wedding, "Seeing how happy Ashley and J.P. are, it really makes me... think maybe I shouldn't throw in the towel just yet."

Sparks began flying again once Holm returned to Maynard's hometown of Charlotte, NC on business for his water company in mid-December, according to Us.

The couple apparently reunited after reports had surfaced that both parties were seeing other people. Holm had reportedly been dating 23-year-old New Orleans native Katianna Bear in November, while Maynard had allegedly been involved with both Cab band member Alex DeLeon and NASCAR truck racer Jason White.

Holm and Maynard were then photographed having drinks together at Connelly's bar in Charlotte on December 11 following dinner at 5Church in which a local source claims the couple had been acting "friendly and flirty."

"Getting 'caught' in public is them trying to milk the press," explained the Holm source.

Regardless of whether The Bachelorette couple is officially back together, a friend of Holm told Us the 28-year-old entrepreneur can't be all that serious about his ex-fiancee.

"When we went out [in December], he was hitting on a bunch of chicks. He didn't mention Emily once," said the pal.

"It's a classic case of they can't live with each other, they can't live without each other," The Bachelor insider told the magazine.