The Discovery Channel has announced its series "Deadliest Catch" will be back for a fourth season starting next month.

The new season of the show, which follows a group of crab-fishing captains and crews through their adventures on the high seas, is set to premiere April 15, with a "best-of" Season 3 recap special scheduled to air April 8.

During the course of the show, the stars are seen enduring "subzero arctic weather, 60-mph winds and turbulent seas with waves the size of four-story buildings," the Discovery Channel said in press materials for the show.

"This year, injuries dominate the crab-fishing season," the Discovery Channel said. "Two men get hurt by a loose picking hook -- one of the most dangerous things that can happen on deck. A deckhand's season -- and livelihood -- are threatened doing something he's done a thousand times before. And a fisherman is forced to end his fishing season early after a situation quickly turns life-threatening."