Derek Hough and Mark Ballas might follow in Julianne Hough's footsteps and not return as Dancing with the Stars' professionals for the show's upcoming ninth season.

"Mark and I might not be back, either," Derek told E! News in a Wednesday report. "We have other things going on."

Julianne has hinted that she plans on skipping Dancing with the Stars' ninth season this fall to instead focus on her career as a country singer.

Music is also apparently part of the reason behind Derek and Ballas' decision to vacate the dance floor, as their debut album "BHB" was released in March.

"There’s a bunch of stuff on the table right now, and we're going on tour this summer," Derek told E! News.

"We've got to see what happens.  But it would be crazy, all three of us... leaving at the same time."

In addition, Hough subsequently confirmed that he is interested in starring in the upcoming remake of the film Footloose.

"I haven't auditioned, but I've met with the people," Derek told E! News in a Thursday report, adding he previously played the role of Ren in the 2006 West End production of Footlosse the Musical.

"Footloose is definitely really close to me.  I would love to be a part of something like that."

Derek and Ballas formed in 2005 under the name Almost Amy before recently changing its moniker to the Ballas Hough Band -- presumably to capitalize on the Dancing with the Stars success of its two most notable members. The five-piece band inked a deal with Hollywood Records last December.